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Tattoo Price List


Powdered, hair stroke, ombre or combination brows £250

Eye Liner treatments

Basic lash enhancement (subtle natural "tight line" look through lashes) - £165

Advanced eyeliner (bolder liner, thick or thin above lashes) - £250

add a flick to advanced liner for additional - £60

add bottom liner to basic or advanced for additional - £60


Lip treatments- Lip liner

 - £165

Liner & Blush

 - £250

Occasionally a 3rd session is required dependant on many factors such as skin type & lifestyle. If you require a 3rd treatment a charge of only £35 will be required to cover your needle fee as long as the treatment takes place within 5 weeks of your last top up.


Colour Boost's 

start from £120 for up to 2 years. Top up prices apply to existing Cosmetic Goddess clients only.


2 payment options are available so you can spread the cost if you wish.

1. Pay 50% on 1st treatment session & remaining 50% at the perfecting top up 4-6 weeks later. **

2. Pay full amount at first session.

** The 2nd session, the perfecting top up is an essential part of the treatment process. You will be required to sign a contract before treatment commences stating that you will attend for the perfecting top up. If you chose not to attend the full treatment amount is still payable & you will be billed for the remaining balance.

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