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The semi permanent eyebrow is without a doubt the most popular treatment and no wonder. Whether we're just adding some shading, lifting the tails, inserting a few extra hair strokes or completely re-building the eyebrow, Semi permanent eyebrows can be completely face changing.


The Hair Stroke eyebrow is exactly what the name would suggest, lots of individual hair strokes implanted to give a lovely natural looking brow.

The Powder brow is a bolder brow giving you the pencilled in brow look you might wear with full make up.

The Combi brow is a mixture of both, the natural looking hairstroke but with a light wash of shading throughout to add some subtle deapth. 


Your colour will appear up to 50% darker than the healed result immediately after treatment. It takes a full 4 weeks for the eyebrows to heal which is why we won't do your perfecting top up until at least 4 weeks after your initial treatment.

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