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Dermaplaning is a pain free, non-invasive, skin re surfacing treatment that uses a special surgical blade to remove the top layers of dead skin cells & the fine, fluffy facial hair which does NOT grow back thicker or darker. The result is smooth, soft, silky skin which will leave your makeup looking flawless.


Dermaplaning  is often confused with Dermabrasion but unlike Dermabrasion, Dermaplaning has little or no discomfort and is suitable for every skin type & condition even sensitive skin. It’s great for reducing the appearance of fine lines & acne scarring & aids the removal of blackheads. The treatment is already huge in America & is now taking the UK by storm. It can be used in conjunction with chemical peels and laser treatments. There is no down time after a dermaplaning treatment & due to the deep exfoliation the effect of any skin care products you use afterwards, will be greatly enhanced.


Ideally like most specialised skin care treatments, it is recommended you receive a monthly treatment to have the optimum benefits but you achieve instant results so it's a great “one off” treatment to receive a couple of days before a special occasions

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